Eco clean hardwood floors

How to clean hardwood floors

When cleaning hardwood floors it is important to remember water is the enemy. Use it very sparingly and avoid mopping in excess. For example, if your formal dining area does not see a lot of foot traffic then sweeping regularly and mopping only once a month may be sufficient. If you have hardwood floors in your kitchen on the other hand, you may need to mop several times a week. The key to cleaning hardwood floors is to damp mopping. Wring out your mop as much as possible so that the least amount of water possible goes onto your hardwood surface.

For a natural clean you can mop your hardwood floors with a mixture of vinegar and water. However, over an extended period of time the vinegar may have a tendency to reduce the shine of your floors. You can also make a safe cleaning mixture using warm water and dish soap. (1/4 cup of dish washing liquid for a bucket of warm water).

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