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Clean counter top/back plash, Small counter top appliances (wiped/dusted and replaced), Cabinet (front damp wiped), Trash emptied, Sinks scrubbed (including behind sink), Polish stainless steel appliances, Clean microwave (inside/outside) Clean front of (dishwasher, trash compactor, over & refrigerator), Table, chairs and stools, damp(wiped/dusted), Floor swept and mopped, Area rugs shaken or vacuumed
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Receptions,Meeting rooms,Tech Areas, Training Rooms, Break Rooms, Kitchen, Cafeterias, Restrooms, empty Wastebaskets, Vacuumed Carpets, Swept and Mopped Floors, Dusted and Disinfected Surfaces, Finger Prints Removed from Windows and Doors, Shining Door Knobs, Shining Toilets and Urinals, Stocked Supplies in the Restrooms, Mopped and Disinfected, Bathrooms Floors.
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Furniture cushion, newspapers, magazine straightened, Fingerprints wiped from door knobs , Lighting fixtures dusted, Floor swept and mopped,Over all appearance left neat and tidy,Furniture dusted, Electronic equipment (feather dusted only), Knick nacks dusted, Glass tables cleaned, Picture frames dusted, Lamp shades dusted, Cobwebs removed (if accessible), Carpets vacuumed,
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